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Our menus follow inspiration. 

This season, we were moved by music.  



Once upon a time, the world was split into two lands....join us in Mozarts, the Magic Flute.

Fall deep in the Mountains with a rich chocolate sauce and organic peppermint oil, fused into a carrier beverage of your choice. When music comes to life.  Try Magic Flute Peppermint Mocha or Cocoa. 


Farmer Boy Eggnog Latte. Inspired by the book Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Earn your eggnog after a hard day or before you start a productive work day.  Organic eggnog with a shot of espresso.  Made into a latte for easy farm transport. 


Espresso options are available, including traditional lattes, mochas, caramel lattes and our HOUSE RISHI MASALA CHAI,  

BUT, if you're feeling up for ADVENTURE....

THE WAY WE MOVE latte.  Inspired by Langhorne Slim & The Law...A latte reaching the cellular level. Using locally harvested pine needles, known for large amounts of Vitamin C and strength to help keep those "spikes" at bay. Created using Dancing Bees honey. This latte is a power-punch for your immune system. 

Wildflower Latte - Enjoy the taste of Spring year round when you infuse milk & honey (created with Dancing Bees honey) and edible flowers grown by Tega Hill Farms together. A Good Cup Original. 


ASLAN is on the Move latte - A spicy pepper brittle (provided by Hot Pepper Farm) latte infused into caramel milk to give you a moving latte. A Good Cup Favorite!


Lulu Elderberry Latte -  boost your immune system the Lulu way. Featuring Honest Elderberry Syrup infused into honey milk.


Leeli’s Song - enchanting latte that melds ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, black pepper and spicy pepper brittle with a caramel finish to bring a symphony of flavors to life.  Powerful and sweet.  Known to  make a sea dragon sing. 

Teton Chaga Latte - wildcrafted chaga mushrooms, roasted dandelion, chicory and astragalus with a touch of cocoa to bring you a non-caffeinated, nourishing latte.


Mamaita Hot Cocoa - hot cocoa inspired by Debbie's mama. A little spicy, a little sweet, a whole lot of love.  


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