Wildflower Latte - Enjoy the taste of Spring year round when you infuse milk & honey (created with Dancing Bees honey) and edible flowers grown by Tega Hill Farms together. A Good Cup Original. 


ASLAN latte - A spicy pepper brittle (provided by Hot Pepper Farm) latte infused into caramel milk to give you a moving latte. A Good Cup Favorite!


Lulu Elderberry Latte -  enjoy your medicinals the Lulu way. Good Stuff Elderberry Syrup infused into honey milk.


Teton Chaga Latte - wildcrafted chaga mushrooms, roasted dandelion, chicory and astragalus with a touch of cocoa to bring you a non-caffeinated, nourishing latte.


Tha' Best Bucha - wood barrel brewed kombucha featuring delightful seasonal favorites. 


Introducing, from the Wingfeather Saga…


Janner and Tink’s drink - the beauty of brotherhood. When two distant flavors combine, it creates a melodic drink. We infused dark chocolate milk with house made peanut butter syrup, topped with sea salt to create this brotherly-love latte. 


Leeli’s Song - enchanting latte that melds ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, black pepper and spicy pepper brittle with a caramel finish to bring a symphony of flavors to life.  Powerful and sweet.  Known to  make a sea dragon sing. 


Water from the First Well tonic - Bring bones back to life  by braving a shot of lemon juice, honey, garlic, ginger, cayenne and turmeric. *Recipe taken from Dr. Joelle at Family Healing Chiropractic 


To Podo’s delight - a nourishing bone both based drink to support your immune health.  Touched with coconut oil and sea salt to nourish YUR-bones.